About Us


Hedgehogs were first found in Ireland around the 13th century. Small little animals that pack a punch. From that spikey little animal a brand was born. Neon Hedgehog. 

Neon Hedgehog is a brand that is designed with the customer in mind. We want you to "Live Your Life In Comfort". This means that when you put our clothes on you feel like you're getting a hug. You can run, play, golf, walk, stroll to the shops or sit on the couch, but you'll be doing it in the softest, most comfortable item of clothing in your wardrobe. 

We are going to bring comfy back, with a hint of smart! We want you to live your life in comfort, and join us on our journey to bring a bit of needle back into the clothing market. 

One of our commitments is to donate 2% of all profits to various Cancer Charities. Supporting us will support others